Makeda - Queen of Sheba - Synopsis

Ron Harrill

This book is the 2013 winner of the International Book Awards, Children’s Picture Book-Non-Fiction category and is the story of Makeda, the legendary ruler of the ancient Ethiopian empire. While leading one of the world’s richest and most powerful countries, Makeda realized her goal of becoming an important world ruler must include more wisdom and knowledge.


Makeda decided to make her legendary and biblically recorded journey to Jerusalem to learn from King Solomon, considered to be the wisest man in the world. It is during these travels that she discovers a new world and more about her own inner self. Makeda, also called the Queen of the South, was the only queen to be listed in the the Old Testament, New Testament, the teachings of Jesus (see Matthew 12:42) and the Quran. This book uses the prestigious ancient Ethiopian manuscript, Kebra Nagast, as a primary source of biographical information of this iconic queen.


International Book Awards WINNER



LH Wallace


"This book would be a good choice from a woman's history, biblical history and African history perspective. I highly recommend it!"

PF Gordon


"The vivid colorful illustrations and historical journey of a young Ethiopian Queen as told in this book captures the attention of both the young and not so young."



Impressive illustrations and excellent story about Makeda. My daughters enjoy listening to this book and admiring the beautiful color drawings.



From a young age, Princess Makeda knew that one day she would become the queen of Ethiopia, one of the greatest empires in the world. Her family belonged to a ruling dynasty that was founded in 1370 B.C. by the ancestors of Makeda’s mother, Ismenie. Ismenie married Makeda’s father, Kawnasya, who rose to the throne in 1026 B.C.

Makeda’s future was shaped partly by tragedy. Her older brother, Noural Rouz, died as an infant, leaving her as the sole heir to the throne. Makeda knew becoming the queen would require a lifetime of service and knowledge. Her father was growing quite old and soon would be unable to carry out the duties of king.


“Ethiopia was the first established country on Earth and the Ethiopians were the first to set up the worship of the gods and to establish laws”
--Stephanus of Byzantium from 6th Century A.D.