Children of Genesis - Synopsis

Ron Harrill

For the past five hundred years, the identities of powerful ancient black nations have remained hidden among the pages of the Bible’s Old Testament. This book is a detailed historical presentation of the many Hamite-black nations that the Old Testament writers acknowledged and wrote about regularly in biblical stories and scriptures. These nations led the ancient world towards civilization, invented writing, erected phenomenal monuments and built dams and reservoirs to manage large rivers.


When the early Hebrews arrived on the historical scene, civilization was already in place and led by Hamite-black nations. Major cities already existed, regional political relationships were established, and strong commercial trade existed between the quadrant of older countries, Egypt, Ethiopia, Canaan, and early Mesopotamia (Babylon).


Utilizing historical lenses instead of traditional religious filters, this book takes a wide-angle view of the people, places, and events from the Old Testament era. Starting with the Great Flood and Noah’s descendants, this book reveals these nations within numerous biblical stories and events for the world to see, study and better understand their historical importance.



Deb R reviewed in the United States

on January 13, 2021

"Great book!

Easy read, great for all ages. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to get a perspective not often talked about in the religious community. Get a better understanding of how important ethnicity was in the Old Testament. It was refreshing to see!"

W. Davis reviewed in the United States

on January 17, 2021

"Children of Genesis, just like this author's earlier works, is well written and provides valuable insight into biblical history. As one who studies the bible for spiritual insight and guidance, I am always intrigued and curious about the historical background, chronology and relationships of the various nations.   The bible can be challenging and time consuming trying to understand the history within the context of a particular bible story.  Well the author, Ron Harrill, has done the legwork for us in a style that plainly guides us through the origin and history of the Old Testament nations and its people.  Then as you read the information and begin to think about its significance, he then challenges you with questions and points to ponder that further stimulates your interest in this important work. This book is a great complement to your personal bible study. I highly recommend this book and it makes a wonderful gift."


B. Newkirk reviewed in the United States

on January 13, 2021

"Children of Genesis is an interesting presentation of bible based ancient history. If you are a Bible student, this book is for you. If you like history, this book is for you. Or, if you are studying ancestry, it's a guide for you. Children of Genesis is organized in a manner that helps you understand and appreciate the African presence in the Bible and it highlights Africa's contributions to world culture. I do highly recommend this book!"

L. Byrd reviewed in the United States

on January 21, 2021


"Children of Genesis-The Black Nations in the Old Testament is a very thorough, concise, and historical work about black presence in the Old Testament. The author traces the nations of people after the Great Flood through the descendants of Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. We learn about the people of the Asiatic nations through Shem, the people of African-descent nations through Ham, and the people of Indo-European nations through Japheth. The charts, challenge questions and scripture references help to navigate through the information easily and with clarity. Reading this book, for me, was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and getting those “aha-a” moments as you read. I came away with an increased sense of pride knowing that Blacks left an indelible footprint of accomplishments in biblical history. Children of Genesis is a historical work for lay persons, religious leaders, or biblical scholars. Kudos to Ron Harrill for this important piece of work."

“Because the real history of mankind is not part of our general knowledge,
we are discounting factors most needed to secure world balance."

--American Historian and Author Drusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1914)