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Ron Harrill

Author, Historian, Lecturer

Ron Harrill

Ronald Harrill has volunteered in education for more than 30 years, serving as a mentor, lecturer, consultant, lunch buddy, coach, advisory committee member and community advocate. The Shelby, NC resident recently released his latest book, Children of Genesis – The Black Nations in the Old Testament.  He also authored his International Award winning children’s book “Makeda: Queen of Sheba” under his publishing company, R. Harrill Enterprises.  His history research included trips to both western and northern Africa.


He currently serves on the Cleveland County United Way Board of Directors. He has served as a member of the Cleveland County Schools Closing the Achievement Gap Advisory Committee and he also served as a member and past chairman of The Cleveland County Arts Council.


He is the co-founder and board member of the Community Math Academy, which was founded in 2007 to provide full summer scholarships for elementary students in Cleveland County to study, explore and develop stronger math skills. He has provided information and liaison duties for several counties in North Carolina interested in developing the academic progress of minority students.


He has visited more than 150 school groups in the Southeast and has shared information on topics that promote the positive academic achievement for students. 


A graduate of North Carolina A & T State University, he worked for 33 years for the former Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo Bank) in Charlotte, NC before retiring. He is also a graduate of the BAI School for Banking held at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.


He is married to Denise Harrill and they live in Shelby. They are the proud parents of three sons.  

For interviews, promotional appearances, and public speaking events, please contact Ron here.

“It is within the limits of Asia and Africa that the first civilized people developed. The Egyptians in the Nile valley; and the Chaldeans in the plains of the Euphrates (Mesopotamia region). These were people of sedentary and peaceful pursuits. Their skin was dark, hair short and thick, the lips strong.”
--French Professor Scholar Charles Seignobos (1854 - 1942)