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During the 21st century, my expertise has centered around ancient history, the B.C. (Before Christ) era. While many people find ancient history “too old, tedious and boring,” I find it wonderful and exhilarating. These were the times when black nations led civilization with continuous genius inventions and created paths for ancient humanity to systematically move forward with progress.

I wake up each day with a passion for seeking new information. It’s a burning desire fueled by a flame that never grows dim.

                                -Ron Harrill


The Gaston Gazette
Bible reveals Black nations in new book.
By Janiya Wincester
April 5, 2021

Cleveland County Library System
Author Discussion Live with Ron Harril
February 27, 2021

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“One of the most popular reasons people study the Bible is to learn about the historical events it records. So much of the Bible is devoted to history.”
--Modern era biblical scholar Robert H. Stein